Bulk Honey

If you are looking for large bulk quantities of high quality honey, please contact us.

We have a great network of Canadian beekeepers and organic producers of various produce.

  • We can find you the product you’re looking for at the best price possible.
  • The quality is guaranteed.
  • We arrange the shipping worldwide.
  • We can perform the necessary lab tests and obtain permits for export.

Products we handle:

Canadian Honey

  • White, Gold, Amber, Dark
  • Canada No.1, No.2, No.3
  • Organic certified and conventional
  • Containers available: 300kg drum and 15kg pail

Hemp Seed

  • Hemp seeds and oil
  • Organic certified and conventional

Organic Maple Syrup

Organic Ginseng

Contact us with your needs. Please select 'Bulk Order Inquiry' for Subject in the Contact form.

Thank you!