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OneRoot Mix & Match Gift Box

$55.00 $91.00

NEW! Now Available!

This Gift Box includes:

1x Comb Honey, 1x Dipper, 1x Organic Maple Syrup 50ml, 1x of each Organic Lip Balms, 1x Organic Hand&Body Balm


You can add your choice of one jar of 500g Honey and one jar of 300g Infused Honey.

Wildflower & Cinnamon: $55 Regular Price: $91
Wildflower & Ginseng: $60 Regular Price: $96
Buckwheat & Cinnamon: $60 Regular Price: $98
Buckwheat & Ginseng: $65 Regular Price: $103
Organic & Cinnamon: $70 Regular Price: $108
Organic & Ginseng: $75 Regular Price: $113

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