Natural Honey - Bulk - 15kg

$170.00 CAD

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NOTE regarding bulk sized products

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  • Bulk packaged honey may be partially crystallized.

This is an as-available product and is not a regular product on our website. The below properties are for this batch and this batch only.

This is a pail of blended honey. Its source is our own honey, but it would've been deemed too dark to be part of our main line of honey which is white in colour grade. Additionally, honey that were already crystalized during various processing were also melted and then mixed here.

It carries a mild flavour for its colour and will not be overpowering if used as an ingredient, such as in baking.

Honey Specifications:

  • Colour: Golden (45~50mm)
  • Grade: CANADA No.3 - This honey will have crystallized by now and will contain small amounts of beeswax, pollen, and such which are naturally part of extracted honey.
  • Moisture: 16.8~17.0%