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Organic + Buckwheat Gift Box

This gift box includes 3 jars of organic raw wildflower honey and 3 jars of raw buckwheat honey.

This premium raw organic honey comes straight from the beehives of Alberta's vast Northern wilds.

  • EcoCert certified organic
  • 100% pure Canadian
  • Raw natural wildflower honey
  • Unpasteurized / Never heated
  • Raw texture

* Used by Urban Moonshine

Pure Raw Buckwheat Honey from certified organic buckwheat fields of Northern Ontario, Canada.

  • Fullest / purest / darkest buckwheat honey you'll find
  • Dark colour with red tint indicates its pure buckwheat source.
  • Single source as always with all Oneroot honey
  • 100% pure Ontario honey
  • Unpasteurized / Never heated
Box UPC: 628055436911

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