Make your home smell better with beeswax candles
3월 03, 2022

Make your home smell better with beeswax candles

Make your home smell better with beeswax candles

What’s the buzz with beeswax candles? Quite a bit, as the natural alternative is a far healthier replacement to paraffin or petroleum-based options. Rather than being linked to cancer, beeswax cleanses the air and often helps support beekeepers.

That’s right.

Honeycomb is harvested without any harm to our fuzzy friends, honey bees. Nature is just telling us to use this fantastic resource. Beeswax has a naturally sweet and floral scent that is subtle yet noticeable.

What is paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax is a byproduct of a petroleum refinery. Like all petroleum-based products, it starts as crude oil. After several other petroleum-based products have been extracted off, the wax is left as a byproduct of the refining process. The wax is then treated with benzene and or toluene (known carcinogens) to bleach the wax.

It is thought that the chemicals in the paraffin, along with benzene and toluene, have an adverse effect on health. Paraffin has a high smoke rate which emits particles into the air that can settle in the lungs.

Artificial fragrance and scents

While the debate about the dangers of paraffin wax and artificial fragrances continues, (The National Candle Association claims that tests have been performed for years ensuring the safety of burning paraffin candles. However, impartial parties claim that these fragrances can trigger allergies, asthma, lung irritations and even damage to the brain and central nervous system.

Why beeswax is best

Beeswax, when burned, has a very low smoke emission. It has a light honey scent that occurs naturally. The only process in creating a beeswax candle is in the melting and pouring steps. There are no chemicals used to refine 100% beeswax.

Not only do beeswax candles not contribute to air pollution, they have also been found to actually clean the air. Beeswax releases negative ions into the air when burned. These ions bind with pollutants and remove them from the air.

What about fragrance?

Thankfully, beeswax candles are often scented with natural fragrances like essential oils. These essential oils can also provide health benefits like air purification and aromatherapy.

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