Why is organic honey good for you?
1월 31, 2022

Why is organic honey good for you?

Why is organic honey good for you?

If you are considering buying honey, organic honey will be your best option. Taking it prevents you from being exposed to the chemicals honey may get exposed to during conventional beekeeping practices.

Make life sweeter with organic honey

Organic honey starts as flower nectar collected by bees. Its sweetness makes it an excellent sugar alternative. That is why research suggests that taking it instead of sugar prevents the risk of getting diabetes.

Amazing! It’s long-lasting: How long does organic honey last?

If stored properly, honey can last a very long time. It can remain stable for decades…or even centuries! Honey is susceptible to changes during storage. It changes color, and it crystallizes. However, this does not affect honey’s shelf life as long as it is stored in a cool and dry place.

What makes organic honey better?

Organic apiculture in Canada is governed by the Canadian Organic Standards. Organic certification requires a forage area that provides a 3 km radius (or 28 sq. km) around the hive that is free of prohibited substances. This eliminates beekeepers that are located near conventional farms, golf courses, or factories. Organic beekeepers must also attempt to source organically raised replacement bees, must feed with organic honey, and must use organic beeswax for comb foundations. True organic certified honey is extremely rare.

This extra effort ensures the honey is not contaminated with pesticides and antibiotics. You also need to note that not every organic honey is the same. Organic honey produced in Canada is different from organic honey from the US or other countries. Canada has a strict set of rules for organic beekeeping, and not every country follows the same rules. So, make sure to read the ingredients and make sure the jar is 100% Canadian organic honey.

Give us a short, sweet visit: Where can I buy organic honey?

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