Panna Cotta with Organic Honey

4월 25, 2017

Panna Cotta with Organic Honey

Recipe by: Chloe Noh

Ingredients: 35%cream 500ml Homo milk 500ml Honey 250g (adjust to taste) Powdered gelatin 2 Envelope lemon extract 1 drop (optional)

Yield: 13 x 4oz ramekins Direction: 1. Mix cream, milk, honey, and lemon extract in a pot. 2. Bring to a simmer on medium heat.(Do not boil) 3. While waiting, bloom gelatin according to the instruction on the envelope. 4. Add gelatin into milk mixture and mix well until gelatin is fully disolved. 5. pour the mixtures into ramekin and let it cool down until it sets. 6. Decorate them with berries, jam, herbs etc. Tips: you can serve in cups or unmold them onto a plate.

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