DIY Burdock Honey Mask
3월 05, 2017

DIY Burdock Honey Mask

DIY Burdock Honey Mask


  • dehydrated burdock or burdock tea bag 
  • 1 tea spoon of coconut oil (extra virgin)
  • Oneroot buckwheat honey
  • hot water (bring the water temperature to boil and cool down 5 min)

How to

1. Put dehydrated burdock/ tea bag into hot water 


Tea spoon of Oneroot buckwheat honey

2. Put 2 tea spoon of Oneroot buckwheat honey (could be replaced of Oneroot wildflower honey


Oneroot wildflower honey

3. Add coconut oil into #2 (if not, replace it with any oil that you put on your face daily)


Coconut oil

4. Stir it and mix well

5. Prepare 5 layered cotton pad (possible to replaced with regular cotton pad but thinner cotton pad works better as face mask sheet)


Layered cotton pad

6. Soak cotton pad into #4 and keep it refrigerated until it's cool enough to use
(if you put them one vertical and the other horizontal on top, it's easy to pick it up later) 


Soak cotton pad


7. Put it on the face just like face mask and leave it on for 10-20 min 
8. Wash your face and start your skin care routine